Secure Your Spot in the Future of Mining with Abundant Mines

Part of what makes hosting with Abundant Mines so special is that we love creating a sense of community and empowerment among our members. Periodic group site visits as well as in-person and online networking and educational events are just some of the things you get access to by choosing to host your miners with us and join our network. Unlike many colocation hosts, we also have in-house consulting to keep you making the right strategic moves for your goals during any market condition.

Explore Available Locations for Colocation:

Cascade Locks, OR: The Flagship Experience


3MW with ~800 slots for new generation miners, and future expansions leading to 9MW.


  • Scalability: Perfect for miners aiming to grow, with a clear scalability path to 9MW.
  • Cutting-Edge Logistics: Streamline your operations with our adjacent warehouse, offering repair and maintenance services.
  • Safety and Cost-Efficiency: Highest safety standards at unbeatable costs, maximizing your investment.
  • Ideal For: Growth-focused miners seeking operational excellence and efficiency.

Bend, OR: The Community-Powered Hub

Capacity: Limited to 100 slots for member usage, full capacity at 0.3MW.


  • Community Engagement: Dive into the Bend Bitcoin Mining Club for camaraderie and learning within a group.
  • Enhanced Trust: Peace of mind through in-person connections.
  • Exclusive Access: Personalized attention with select slot availability.
  • Ideal For: Miners valuing community, networking, and hands-on learning.

Future Locations to come:

Upcoming Opportunities: Be First in Line

South ERCOT, TX and Central Oregon:

Emerging Capacity: Gain early access to our projects in development, with capacities ranging from 4MW to an expansive 100MW.

Tailored Investments: Options to match your ambitions, from small-scale operations to major deployments, including ownership opportunities in the data center project itself, not just hosting miners.

Filled Projects: Success Stories in Mining

Texas Off-Grid Project: The Innovative Frontier

Capacity: Fully subscribed 3MW stranded gas project.


  • Eco-Friendly Mining: Pioneering environmentally responsible operations with stranded gas that would otherwise vent into the atmosphere.
  • Ultra-Low Power Cost: Operational costs at about 1.6 cents/kwh for maximized profitability.
  • A Testament to Innovation: Showcasing our commitment to sustainable, cost-effective mining solutions.

South American On-Grid Project: The Global Miner’s Choice

Capacity: Fully occupied with current capacity of the 3MW project, expansion up to 12MW.


  • Capital Efficiency: Leveraging older equipment for maximum efficiency in low-cost power settings.
  • Growth and Upgrades: Part of a project set for significant expansion and enhanced payouts.
  • A Model for International Expansion: Demonstrating our global reach and capacity for growth in the mining sector.

Why Colocate with Abundant Mines?


Diverse Locations & Capacities
From scalable flagship sites to community-centric hubs, or remotely managed micro-mines, we offer the perfect fit for your needs.


Client-Centric Approach:
Enjoy personalized services, community engagement, and operational support designed for your success.


Proven Success Stories:
Our filled projects reflect our commitment to excellence and the trust our clients place in us.


Join the Future:
Your mining operation deserves a supportive, scalable home. Contact Abundant Mines today to secure your spot in one of our premier locations and propel your mining journey forward.

Other Benefits

  • Streamlined logistics
  • In house Miner procurement & Sales
  • In-house Maintenance & Repair
  • Large external Repair Network
  • Networking events and private deal opportunities
  • Secure and reliable facilities
  • Fast and efficient setup by our technical team
  • Hassle-free, automated billing
  • Pick your payout frequency
  • Choose your own pool (or use our favorite, Lincoin)
  • Optional equipment insurance for peace of mind
  • Great climates for your valuable hardware to run longer
  • Decades of interdisciplinary experience to advise you on your journey
  • Members of our team mining successfully since 2013
  • in-house, expert consulting for any market environment

Start your personal Bitcoin Mining journey by reserving hosting space in our advanced facility - OPEN NOW!

Start your personal Bitcoin Mining journey by reserving hosting space in our advanced facility with 1-on-1 client support, opening access to new miners in January 2024. Our limited slot reservation assures a secure and efficient environment for your mining operations. Your reservation also includes two months of prepaid electricity and waived setup fees, offering a cost-effective start.