You have the vision, let us sweat the details

From data center site selection & Development to operational Management and Community Engagement-we have the experience and know how to take you from aspiration to full scale production all while keeping your timeline fast and spending in check!
Site Selection & Development

We help locate, evaluate, and procure all of the pertinent factors in choosing the best location for your Bitcoin Mine.

From infrastructure analysis to utility due diligence we are here to ensure you’ve made the right choice. Let us help with the process!

Site Management

Engineers, software developers, procurement specialists, routine maintenance, customer management and billing. Overwhelmed by the number of people and tasks involved in operating a successful mine?

Let us serve as your counsel and create your Bitcoin Mines’ playbook to ensure you get the most out of your data center every day!

Community Engagement and Education

From creating easily digestible business plans to engaging with your local regulators.

We are here to serve as your guide when it comes to successfully navigating the political and interpersonal landscapes each mining site offers.

What makes a site worth developing?

How do I set up and allocate utilities to my data center?

How do I fix a site issue if I don’t have an engineering or Bitcoin background?

These are just a few of the questions that all miners beginning their journey inevitably face.

For every positive choice you make in developing your Bitcoin Mine there are a dozen more choices that can produce a negative outcome.

At Abundant Mines we strive to be your first option for consultation because we have the integrity and experience to see any Bitcoin miner through to their project’s completion.

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Our Packages

Mining Mastery


Our most comprehensive package. Full-time management and consultation for you and your Bitcoin Mine.

We will help you organize, plan, run models, procure the best equipment, talk to stakeholders, speak engineer, and everything in between while acting as an extension of your data center upon completion.

From inception to production we will take you from zero to hero, whatever it takes!

This package is best suited for sites running in the 3+ MW range and does not include Abundant Mines paying for materials, outside labor, or permit/plan costs

Senator Satoshi

$49,000/day + expenses

Need someone to answer questions or attend an event as your counsel? With this package you will have unfettered access to our top mining experts for an entire day.

Whether that means traveling to attend an event in your data center’s local area, or giving an important presentation alongside you while presenting your project merits to your community, this is best for the Bitcoin Miner who has a need for a targeted outside consultation, but doesn’t necessarily need 24/7 assistance.



Need access to a crypto expert for the occasional task or challenge? This tier is best for Bitcoin Miners confident in their ability to achieve their goals with little to no outside help.

We can all find ourselves in need of assistance from time to time. Let us step in and consult, even if you won’t need us in the future.

Nakamoto Custom
Custom rates

Want the “Mining Mastery” package but running 1MW or smaller data center? This option is best for those with more unique needs.

We will work with you to create a package that ensures your success!