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It touches me when I see people lifted from their stories by technology.

Beau Turner

A portable, un-confiscatable wealth that empowers individuals above all else. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say, Bitcoin is as life-altering as the technological advancements that came with the internet.

Suddenly, because of an open, distributed, collective network, the individual is protected from certain oppression by the powers of force and central control. And have a greater opportunity to lead themselves to the life they want to lead. 

I receive life by connecting to the new life that is created every time someone lifts themselves from their past circumstances.People owning their empowerment and creating a brighter future for themselves inspires me. It fills my heart, and gives me hope. It gives me the fire to keep educating as many people as I can, even strangers who CLEARLY have no interest.

I’m sure I can come off as too much, but it’s their fault for asking “so, what do you do?” 

Change is scary.  It is often the unseen, misunderstood, and unfamiliar forces that drive major change in our world. I think Bitcoin mining is one of those forces.

To get extremely literal, in Bitcoin mining, there are mission-driven companies that enable microgrid expansion, and bring forth literal Light (energy) in the darkness. Rural communities have access to energy after the sun sets, create safer environments from predators, and provide access to basics like light & refrigeration. Necessities many of us take for granted are finally becoming available for more and more communities by making use of off-peak energy. 

Because of bitcoin mining,  low grade waste heat can be reused for an economical purpose. Whether its growing food in winter, heating buildings, homes, industrial processes, or all sorts of other things not listed here, bitcoin miners produce heat that can be useful. For most of human history, your space heater couldn’t make you money, but now it can! Wild.

On oilfields and landfills, methane leaks into the atmosphere every minute. 84 times worse for the ozone than CO2 as a greenhouse gas, yet can be harnessed as a use for energy. This richly dense but wasted energy source is turning the bitcoin network carbon negative. Bitcoin mining is one of the only industries in the world capable of economically removing carbon from our atmosphere. Despite the narratives of bitcoin mining “boiling our oceans”, the truth is exactly the opposite, as it does more to turn wasted pollutants into productive resources than any other industry on earth, and it does so with no subsidies or incentives that further fleece the individual taxpayer to achieve wider climate goals.

With that long winded introduction, 

I’m Beau, your guide in the fascinating world of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Mining. My own journey began as a graduate from Southern Methodist University with a degree in Engineering Management and Information Systems. Entering the cryptocurrency industry in 2015, I was captivated by Bitcoin and Ethereum and soon found myself viewing the cryptocurrency industry as a massive opportunity to seize.

I too have faced the common frustrations of this industry. In 2015 I invested in a bitcoin mining company called MiningSweden that stopped sending payments after a few months. I’ve dealt with miner hosting operators with lackluster communication and endless facility issues. And I’ve worked with people who just wanted my expensive miners in their facility to take advantage of me and squeeze me for all my machines were worth.

From such frustrations, I saw an opportunity to create a better experience, to craft a service that I, as a Bitcoin miner, would want to use. So, I took control, and launched Abundant Mines.

Despite my engineering background and understanding of technology and business, I’ve had my share of setbacks. I’ve encountered scams, been fooled by empty promises, and have made a plethora of investments that underperformed compared to just holding Bitcoin.

As a real estate entrepreneur & investor of 9 years, I also know the “passive” cash flow game. It’s never really passive and I’ve made the conscious long term decision not to store the majority of my wealth in property anymore, other than for the enjoyment and utility to me. From my life experiences, and hundreds of hours of study, I realized that Bitcoin was the only network I could confidently stand behind and build upon.

I no longer believe in the long term that any asset class will store economic energy better than Bitcoin.

With its impressive 14-year history of near-perfect uptime and operations, Bitcoin stands out from the rest. That’s why at Abundant Mines, we focus on hosting Bitcoin mining ASICS over just any cryptocurrency miner, because we know that the bitcoin protocol is not going away.

The same cannot be said of others. Previously mine-able coins have switched to proof of stake, leaving miners holding on to expensive specialized computers without a long term purpose.

Our team at Abundant Mines is committed to more than just service and support – we are committed to your success. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients and providing the resources you need to flourish in the cryptocurrency industry, and avoid the “too-good-to-be-true” schemes that promise fast and incredible wealth, only to leave you starting over when they go bust or abscond with your money in a sneaky and convoluted way.

Whether we are the service you’re looking for or not, I know we can help you find the right path. We’ve had the painful experiences ourselves and saving others from repeating them is our great joy. I invite you to contact us today!

Learn more about our Bitcoin mining data center hosting services and let us help you achieve your goals of successfully making income in the cryptocurrency industry. After all, it’s not just about mining Bitcoin, it’s about building a prosperous future for all.

In closing,

I have a deep love for humanity and a dedication to promoting human flourishing and abundance through inviolable property rights.

I believe Bitcoin significantly contributes to this cause.

If I can assist in deepening your understanding of Bitcoin and its transformative potential for your life and the world, I will have achieved my goal.

No matter your experience level in the Bitcoin and crypto space, whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned Bitcoin Maxi, I welcome you. Let’s move towards an abundant future together.

Welcome to the Abundant Mines family.

~ Beau

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