Hosting Slot Reservation, 3MW Expansion – New Capacity January 2024

Hosting Slot Reservation, 3MW Expansion – New Capacity January 2024

Join the future of Bitcoin mining by reserving your hosting space today. This reservation includes a prepayment for two months of electricity in our cozy and secure data center in Oregon, USA.

Part of what makes hosting with Abundant Mines so special is that we love creating a sense of community and empowerment among our members. Periodic group site visits as well as in-person and online networking and educational events are just some of the things you get access to by choosing to host your miners with us. Unlike many colocation hosts, we also have in-house consulting to keep you making the right strategic moves for your goals during any market condition.

How to reserve:

-Select your desired hosting space slots.
-Add to cart and proceed to checkout.
-Specify any specific requirements in the order notes.
-Complete payment to secure your space.
-After checkout, we’ll contact you to discuss equipment shipment or purchasing miners if no miners have been added to your cart.

Your reservation is not just a fee down the drain to reserve space, but a strategic investment. Depending on the miner model and market conditions, your $449 slot reservation cost, which includes an electric deposit, can return from $500 to $600, $1000 or more worth of Bitcoin at the time it is applied to your monthly bill.

Why choose our hosting service?

-The best customer experience.
-Great climate for your valuable hardware to thrive and run longer.
-Secure and reliable facility.
-On-site Maintenance & Repair
-Fast and efficient setup by our technical team.
-Hassle-free, automated billing with daily mining pool reward payouts.
-Optional equipment insurance for peace of mind.
-Decades of interdisciplinary experience to advise you on your journey.
-Networking events and private opportunities



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Start your personal Bitcoin Mining journey by reserving hosting space in our advanced facility with 1-on-1 client support, opening access to new miners in January 2024. Our limited slot reservation assures a secure and efficient environment for your mining operations. Your reservation also includes two months of prepaid electricity and waived setup fees, offering a cost-effective start.

Our facility in the Columbia River Gorge promises a perfect climate and reliable infrastructure directly connected to the main electrical distribution facility for the area. With enhanced security, and continuous monitoring, we create an environment for worry-free mining.

With future expansion capability at this particular facility, we can also adapt to your evolving mining needs, enabling you to expand as required. By reserving your hosting space today, you’ve taken the most important step in creating a passive income stream for yourself.

By choosing to work with Abundant Mines, you’ve ensured that you will be taken care of like a close family member(the good kind), and that your investment in Bitcoin Mining is looked after by true professionals who care more about your long term success than a large initial order or a sales commission. We treat single unit clients with the same love as those who host hundreds or thousands of units with us.

How to Reserve Your Hosting Space:

  1. Choose the number of hosting space slots based on how many miners you will host.
  2. Add to cart and checkout.
  3. Mention any special requirements in the order notes.
  4. Pay to secure your space.
  5. Post-checkout, we’ll discuss equipment shipment or miner purchasing if necessary.
  6. Monthly recurring electric costs are $190-$250 depending on consumption, billed monthly (discounts for annual prepayment)
  7. Most hosting plans include expert consultation time, ask us for details!

Secure your hosting space now and experience seamless Bitcoin mining in our secure, reliable facility.




If you’re still not sure, book a FREE 30 MINUTE MINING CONSULT below so we can better understand your goals and offer you a tailored solution.

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