WhatsMiner M60S 184TH, 19J/T, 3404 Watts

WhatsMiner M60S 184TH, 19J/T, 3404 Watts


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Meet the WhatsMiner M60S, the next evolution in MicroBT’s series, designed to meet the demands of the most ambitious miners. Boasting an inspiring hashrate range of 184  to 188 TH/s  (Terahashes per second), for a power consumption of 3404 W and energy-efficient power consumption of up to 18.5 J/TH (Joules per Terahash), this air-cooled model sets new standards in the world of cryptocurrency mining.

WhatsMiner M60S exceeds the competition as it combines unparalleled power, uncompromised efficiency, and technological innovation, making it the go-to choice for your mining success. 


Hashrate184 TH/s
Power Consumption3404 W
Power Efficiency⁓ 19 J/TH
Size430x 155 x 226 mm
Noise level75db
Temperature(-5) - 35 °C
Humidity5- 95 %

Mining with the WhatsMiner M60S without Worries

Enjoy a hassle-free mining experience powered by the advanced WhatsMiner M60S miner with our comprehensive hosting service. At Abundant Mines, we provide a turnkey solution, delivering all the necessary infrastructure and support for optimal performance and uninterrupted operation.

When you purchase our miner with the hosting package, you secure a reserved spot alongside a fully configured M60S miner, ready to mine as soon as it is connected to our cutting-edge hosting facility. We handle logistics, setup, and maintenance, monitor your miner’s performance, and provide regular updates on your earnings, which are paid out daily.

Backed by our expert support and industry-leading infrastructure, you can dive into Bitcoin mining with confidence. Start mining today and join the ranks of successful Bitcoin miners!

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