6 Lessons Learned in Bitcoin, Crypto, and Mining: A Personal Journey

Lessons Learned in Bitcoin, Crypto, and Mining: A Personal Journey

Navigating the complex, thrilling world of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and mining has been an adventure. Along the way, I’ve learned some invaluable lessons, often the hard way. Here’s a guide for new investors, crafted from my experiences.

Lesson 1: Control Your Own Private Keys

The very cornerstone of Bitcoin lies in the ability to hold your own private keys. This ability places you in direct control of your wealth without the need for an intermediary. The gravity of this responsibility cannot be overstated. I remember the anxiety when I first held my own keys – a mixture of fear and freedom. Remember, when you surrender this control to a third party, you expose yourself to counterparty risk, which I learned when Celsius collapsed, narrowly avoiding a personal disaster. Many others were not so fortunate, and the same can be said of blowups like FTX and others.

Lesson 2: Understand the Yield

I was enticed by many projects offering yield in the early days. The allure of earning consistently from your investment, especially during volatile periods, is strong. However, if the yield’s source isn’t clear and understandable, you’re likely the providing the yield. A similar risk applies when earning yield on Bitcoin – it often means surrendering your private keys and opening the door to counterparty risk. In my opinion, the best way to get Bitcoin yield is through mining. With mining, your yield is tied to a predictable, verifiable process, not an unending supply inflation of some obscure alt-coin. While mining is definitely not for everyone, it certainly satisfies the desire to earn consistent income from your crypto investments without the worst risks.

Lesson 3: Exercise Caution When Buying Used Mining Equipment

My early mining days were fraught with costly mistakes, one of which was buying used mining equipment. The prospect of cheaply and profitably expanding my mining operations seemed too good to pass up. However, within a year, most of my miners were out of commission, worth only a fraction of what I paid for them. The lesson? Investing in new, high-quality equipment is a wiser choice for consistent, long-term returns. Also, a good equipment seller will take care of you and all new machines come with a warranty. In the case of used equipment there is generally no warranty and no responsibility from the seller or your sales agent for the quality of machine you receive. 

Lesson 4: Be Wary of Cloud Hashrate Services

Cloud hashrate services looked like the perfect solution to my mining ambitions – buying computing power and watching the returns roll in without the fuss of equipment or hosting. However, I soon realized the risk of scams in this sector. I’ve seen countless investors fooled into believing they’re mining while they’re merely receiving fragments of their initial investment. Nowadays, I engage with such services only when I thoroughly understand their inner workings and the teams operating them.

Lesson 5: Playing the Long Game

In my early days in crypto, the allure of overnight riches led me to obscure altcoins, hoping to hit the jackpot. But after getting scammed, rug pulled, and pump and dumped more times than I’d like to admit, I adopted a different approach. Now, I focus on the long-term with Bitcoin and specifically Bitcoin mining. I appreciate the steady, compounding accumulation. History has repeatedly shown Bitcoin’s value, outperforming almost all other investments over the long run. The more I commit myself to understanding that truth and aligning with it, the more prosperous of a future I build. Similar to learning about the internet in the early days “just because it was interesting”, I think taking a similar fascination with Bitcoin will pay its own unique reward within our lifetime.

Lesson 6: Understand What Diversification Really Means

The common wisdom of diversification isn’t always the best strategy. In my early investment years, I spread myself too thinly across many mediocre assets, mistaking this for diversification. It took some painful losses to realize that true diversification means investing heavily in proven, dominant markets and sticking with them as long as their fundamentals remain sound. Successful investors rode out market fluctuations with unwavering conviction in their chosen investments, because they took the time to understand them. 

Diversify only if you understand the potential of the other assets.

Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and mining offer immense opportunities but require a deep understanding and careful strategy.

My journey through Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and mining has been nothing short of an adventure, filled with triumphs and failures. Through it all, these lessons have steered me in the right direction, helping me make better choices and mitigate risk. My hope is that they will do the same for you. Remember, continuous learning, understanding your risk tolerance, and making informed decisions are the best strategies for a long and prosperous investment career and life.

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